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Grad Students

I encourage creative, motivated students who are interested in asking fundamental and applied ecological questions to contact me about applying to the lab. Financial and logistical support (e.g., vehicles, equipment, field station accommodation) will be provided for graduate research.  Biology graduate students are guaranteed a stipend each year (from a combination of teaching assistantships, external scholarships, and my research grants). Though most of my research is in the alpine lakes of the Sierra Nevada (California), I am happy to support students with similar research interests who wish to work in local field sites, non-lake systems or on synthesis projects. Please email me with your research interests, prior research experience and CV. I am happy to help students work on funding applications the year before they apply to graduate school. 


Please email me to discuss research interests, potential projects and include your CV and career goals. There are a number of fellowship opportunities through the University of California, national or international organizations. I am happy to provide feedback on application materials.


Dedicated and motivated undergraduates are very welcome to join the lab. This usually takes place through the Bio 199 course, but there are many types of opportunities to gain experience in both the lab and field. Please email me with a couple sentences about why you are interested in joining the lab, your program and general availability.

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